Welcome to my portfolio! Here I upload projects I’ve worked on, personal or educational. Most are code projects, but I also have some 3D work. Some projects listed below have a link to a more detailed description of the project – those that don’t aren’t finished yet.

Personal Projects

MechAssault MGF Explorer

GUI asset preview and extraction tool for MechAssault and MechAssault 2: Lone Wolf.


Basic 3D rendering engine utilising OpenGL and GLFW.

University Projects

Relic Hunters Zero

Top-down 2D shooter using Relic Hunters Zero assets. Built in C++ and SFML.

Phobos Settlement

Demonstration of 3D scene composition, transforms, and lighting built with Hieroglyph 3 and Direct3D 11.

Air Superiority Combat II

Endless 2D side-scrolling shooter made in the Windows console.

Generic Zombie Game

Top-down 2D zombie survivial shooter made with C++ and SFML.

Solar System

Accurate (somewhat), real-time simulation of our solar system using manual implementation of numerical integration, Newton’s laws of motion and Kepler’s orbital elements.