Relic Hunters Zero

Relic Hunters Zero Clone is, well, a clone of Relic Hunters Zero… kind of. It uses the same assets, at least. This was a university group project – my responsibility was to develop the player and weapons for the game, and also manage/guide the project’s development as the product owner. It is a complete game which features 4 distinct levels, multiple enemy types, multiple weapon types, pick-ups, lives, and even multiple screens – title screen, main menu, options, credits, and more!

The Player

The player can move, shoot, and even dash in any direction to escape any sticky situation. You may also equip up to 2 of any weapon in the game and swap them at any time with weapons found within supply crates in the game world. You have 100 health and 3 lives to get through all 4 levels of the game, and health can be restored with health packs dropped by enemies. I also implemented the collision response with the map, preventing the player from entering walls.

The Weapons

There are 3 types of weapon in the game: the Pistol, Rifle and Shotgun. Each weapon has its own unique firing behaviour properties such as damage, ammo, and sounds. Weapons have limited ammo which can be refilled by obtaining ammo pick-ups dropped by enemies throughout the game. Each weapon has a unique magazine size and amount of reserve ammo, and they can be reloaded at any time.