Welcome to my website! My name is Tom Walters and I love programming, games, and programming games! I’m a C++ programmer studying game development at university looking for a programming role in the games industry. I also do some 3D modelling as a hobby.

Video games have always been a passion of mine – especially old-school style shooters such as Doom and Half-Life, and story-driven RPGs such as Mass Effect and The Witcher. Being a bit of a tech geek who enjoys learning how things are made and how they work, I became interested in how video games are made, which all started with Halo – the series that put me on this great journey

I started off with 3D modelling using 3DS Max and spent a bunch of time playing around with simple game mods and the Source Engine. Eventually, I taught myself a bunch of C++, and when I discovered I had found my calling, started university to prepare myself for a life of doing what I love. There’s just something about writing code and watching it work correctly, especially when it took hours and hours of debugging to get it right… The automation of input going in one end and output coming out the other. Ugh, satiating.

On this website you’ll find some of my work – both personal and educational – and some blogs about stuff I’m working on.