Welcome to my blogs! I enjoy techinical writing and am working on some content surrounding MGF Explorer and all of the reverse engineering work I have done on MechAssault.

Deconstructing MechAssault

This blog accompanies one of my personal projects: MGF Explorer. I started this project back in 2018 but have only gotten round to writing a blog for it now (in 2020), so most of the posts to begin with are based on development from over a year ago. Deconstructing MechAssault is a long term, ongoing project that I will chip away at when I have free time. If I figure out something significant or just feel like talking about it, I’ll post something here!

  • Cracking MechAssault’s map files – Part 1: The WDF file
    A recent, major addition to MGF Explorer is the ability to read the game's map files. At the moment, this is just a tree view of all the entities stored in a level and all the attributes associated with them, there's no 3D viewport of the map or anything (which would be super cool). I … Read more
  • Deconstructing MechAssault – The MGF file
    Like most games, MechAssault uses large resource archives to store all of the assets used for a certain level in the game. Generally speaking, these are catalog files which simply act as containers for several other files. Exploring MechAssault's root directory, there are plenty of large files with the .mgf extension and file names which … Read more